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Customs Support enables businesses across the UK and Europe with fast, accurate and compliant customs clearance.

  • End-to-end customs clearance services in import, export and transit
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  • Improved customs clearance services through digital innovation
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What Can We Offer?

Customs Support has skilled customs declarants in the UK and throughout Europe, providing businesses like yours with fast, accurate, and compliant customs clearance every day.

Moving Forward

Cost-effective import process. Customs Freight Simplified Procedure is a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective import process that Customs Support UK are authorised to operate on behalf of, or directly for regular traders in the UK.

Export Clearance

Swift Lodgement of NES. Our export customs clearance service includes swift lodgement of both Full and Simplified lodgement of NES (National Export System) declarations. We also ensure carriers have notification of all relevant references prior to the departure of goods.

Import Clearance

With a wealth of experience and linked-badges for all major oceans and airports in the UK, our experts can assist with all your Import customs clearance requirements.

Community Transit Guarantee

With our community transit authorisation, you may be eligible to move goods that are not in free circulation, non-Union goods, within the United Kingdom or the EU with customs taxes suspended until the final destination. 

Port Health Requirements

Whether you trade in food and drink or import perishable cargo then we have a wealth of experience in dealing with all government agencies such as Port HealthDEFRA, and the Forestry Commission

Specialist Food Servcies

Our dedicated foodstuffs team have vast experience in all customs and port health agency formalities required to successfully move your product through the border controls. We can assist with pre-notifications, health certificates, CHEDs, and more.

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Customs Support Offers End-to-End Customs Clearance Services
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Full-Service Customs Expertise

We have it covered end-to-end: everything from processing declarations, consultancy, supply chain optimisation to container gas measurements.


Experienced Specialists

Our 1900+ experts with over 20+ years of industry specific customs experience ensure the highest compliance standards throughout Europe.

Digital Cloud

Digital Customs Solutions

Our innovative IT solutions enable you to monitor all processes 24/7, while we adapt to digital trends to ensure the highest security standards.


Global Knowledge, Local Presence

We link your local customs needs to our global network of professionals across 100+ strategic locations in Europe.

Certificates and Documentation

In customs and international trade there can be a substantial amount of documentation required. We have a team dedicated to providing or assisting with forms such as EUR1 certificates, ATRs, certificates of Origin, and T2L forms.

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Customs Clearance UK | FAQs

What is customs clearance in the UK?

Customs clearance in the UK refers to the process of changing the customs status of your goods. The type of process will depend on how you are moving your goods:

An import customs clearance takes place when goods are entering the UK from a third country and is required for the goods to move through the border. You can either clear into free circulation or into a special procedure. If it is the latter, then another customs clearance is required to remove your goods from the procedure at a later date. Duty and VAT (if applicable) are paid on release into free circulation.

An export clearance is required when you are shipping goods out of the UK. This can be from free circulation or following a special procedure.

Customs Support provides import and export customs clearance services in the UK. Whether you are importing or exporting, trading by air, sea, or road, we are here wherever you need us. Contact us for more information.

How long does UK customs clearance take?

UK customs clearance can be processed in as little as 10 minutes from the submission of your declaration, depending on the type of movement, the prepayment of taxes, and if any further holds need relinquishing.

To ensure that your goods move through customs as quickly as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Have all of your documentation in place well before arrival at the border.
  • Use a deferment account to make paying taxes easier.
  • Work with a compliant customs partner so that you minimise your risk of mistakes, penalties, and audits.

Customs Support is an AEO-accredited clearance agent, providing customs services throughout the UK. Contact us for more information.

Why do I have to pay customs clearance fees?

Customs clearance fees are for the declaration to customs, as well as related port fees when you are shipping through an inventory port – where a Unique Consignment Number (UCN) is applied to each unit.

Here are some of the charges that can be included in your customs clearance fees:

  • Clearance transmission (per declaration)
  • Port security (per unit/UCN)
  • Port infrastructure (per unit/UCN)
  • Inventory fees (per unit/UCN)

All of these fees keep are for the infrastructure of the port, the clearance transmission systems, and your customs broker’s time in submitting the declaration.

Additionally, you may incur deferment or finance fees when you are using the clearance agent’s deferment to pay your duty and VAT.

Customs Support provides UK customs clearance in every sea and airport. Contact us for more information.

What is needed for UK customs clearance?

The documents and information you need to provide for customs clearance in the UK are determined by the type of declaration you are doing.

For standard import customs clearance into free circulation, you need to have the invoice, packing list, and transport documents. Additionally, you must have your commodity code information and any supporting documents which are required for importing that commodity – such as a health certificate or lab results.

When completing a UK import customs clearance, you may need to pay duty and VAT. Therefore, you need to have a financial mechanism in place for processing payment of taxes – such as a deferment account. 

For export clearance, you also need the commercial documents, commodity information and any supporting certificates.

Customs Support provides UK customs clearance in every port, for every mode of transport. If you need assistance with getting your documents together for customs, contact us for assistance.

When is customs clearance required in the UK?

UK customs clearance is required whenever your goods change customs status. This can be when moving across the border, such as an import or export, or when the goods enter, exit, or transit a special procedure inland.

The final stage of import clearance or exit from a special procedure (unless the goods are reexported) is release into free circulation. This is the stage when import duty and VAT (if applicable) are paid on the goods, and when they can be sold to other businesses and consumers.

Goods that are not in free circulation must be held in a customs-approved premises, such as a customs warehouse, port, or temporary storage.

Customs Support provides a suite of customs services in the UK, keeping you safe and compliant with whichever customs procedures you use. Contact us for more information.