As the leading customs expert in Europe, we can offer you individual customs solutions tailored to the specific demands of manufacturing companies. Our customs specialists can advise you on the following topics:

  • Preparation of customs documentation, permits and certificates 
  • Support in complying with regulations and requirements for the manufacturing industry 
  • Monitoring and control of customs formalities during the manufacturing process

Customs Challenges | Manufacturing

Customs clearance can be a challenging topic for manufacturing companies, as many struggle with complying with customs regulations in the increasingly complex world of international trade, where laws are constantly changing. This is why it is crucial that manufacturers ensure that their customs documents are filled out correctly and required customs duties and taxes are paid. Otherwise, mistakes or carelessness can result in delays, penalties or even loss of goods.

Besides managing their customs, manufacturers must also deal with other aspects of international trade, such as packaging, transportation and insurance of goods and merchandise, which makes customs clearance time-consuming and resource-intensive.

If customs clearance is done incorrectly and customs authorities should find irregularities or the absence of important documents, e.g. certificates of origin, customs penalties can occur.

Customs Solutions | Manufacturing

Our Customs Support experts know how to successfully advise manufacturing businesses, enabling them to overcome customs processing challenges.

Our customs services include:

  • Consultation and preparation of customs documents, permits and certificates for manufacturers.
  • Assistance in complying with regulations and requirements in international trade.
  • Monitoring and control of customs formalities during the transportation of goods.
  • Customs processing for manufacturers to minimise risks and challenges in customs clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions | Manufacturing

How can manufacturing companies benefit from customs advice tailored to their specific industries' needs?

Manufacturing companies can leverage the expertise of Customs Support experts, who are well-versed in the specific customs requirements and regulations in their industry. This can help them optimise their customs processing and ensure they are compliant with current regulations.

What type of companies can benefit from Customs Support services that are tailored to the manufacturing industry?

Companies that produce or manufacture goods that are traded across borders can benefit from customs services and advice for manufacturing businesses. This includes companies from different industries such as electronics, textiles, mechanical engineering and many others.

What customs documents must manufacturing businesses present when importing and exporting goods?

The customs documents that manufacturing businesses are required to present can vary depending on the type of goods being transported and their destination. Typically, documents can include commercial invoices, customs declarations, delivery bills, certificates of origin and waybills. Manufacturers should be aware of the documents required by them to avoid delays or problems during customs clearance.

What are the benefits of working with our full-service customs experts?

Working with a full-service customs expert offers manufacturing businesses a range of benefits, such as: efficient and smooth customs processing, customised one-stop solutions, industry-specific customs consulting, digital innovations and an EU-wide network that can assist them in international customs matters. Overall, working with Customs Support allows manufacturers to save time and costs, enabling them to focus on their core business.

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ATR Certificate Explained

An ATR certificate is an essential customs document for trade between Türkiye and the EU, but is not a certificate of origin as commonly assumed. Find out how ATR documents really work in this article.

ATR certificate is an essential customs document for trade between Türkiye and the EU

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Manufacturing and customs both involve several moving parts and making the right adjustments can make a big difference to your final product. We help you put the pieces together in this article.

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Last week, Munich hosted the highly anticipated Transport Logistic event 2023, bringing together industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled networking opportunities. If you missed this event, fear not! We have asked some of our attending colleagues to tell all about this event to keep the excitement alive.

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Improve the Efficiency of your Customs Operation

When you trade internationally and deal with Customs Authorities worldwide, you must make sure that all your systems, procedures and processes related to customs activities are compliant. Customs rules and regulations constantly change. The market in which you continuously operate changes, and your operation constantly evolves. With so many changing factors, there is always a risk that your customs processes are no longer on par with the latest situation.

Sharon Weise International Customs Compliance & AEO Manager

Meet Our People: Tom Edwards

In our series #WeAreCustomsSupport, you will meet the people behind Customs Support. We value our colleagues and the work they do. In this series, we will interview the people who are always ready to assist you with importing or exporting your goods without worries. Next up in this series is Tom Edwards, who is the UK Product Manager.

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Customs Freight Simplified Procedure (CFSP) has changed to Simplified Customs Declaration Processes (SCDP). But what does this acronym refer to? Find out in this article.

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The Combined Nomenclature (CN)

On Monday, October 31, 2022, the European Commission released the updated version of the Combined Nomenclature (CN) for 2023. This updated version includes new subheadings to monitor specific items better.

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Five Checkpoints of Great Customs Consultancy

Entrusting a customs consultant with your supply chain can be daunting. The customs landscape is ever-changing, and you are at risk of audits, delays, and lost business if you do not have your procedures in check. Therefore, regular customs consultancy is key to maintaining your business. However, what do you look for when choosing a company for such an important task?

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