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Nicola Haynes (Teal Background)
Nicola Haynes
Senior Customs Consultant

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People from outside the organisation usually look at a company, the processes, and the market in which it operates in a different way. They see possibilities for improvement and/or adjustment but also have a more independent view of your risks.

Our customs compliance experts know the market and have an eye for detail. Because of this, we are able to paint you a clear picture of customs matters in your company to help you make the most of upcoming opportunities and threats.


In order to ensure that processes are in line with the market, it is recommended to regularly carry out a Customs Compliance Scan or self-assessment. Customs Support provides reviews on the following areas:

Data Quality

We help you assess how you manage your customs data like commodity codes, origin documentation, customs values and we help you determine what the risks in your data quality are. 

Customs Routine

We analyse whether the goods flows are documented clearly, how these are documented and how up to date you are with your customs routines. 

Customs Competence

We assess what the level of internal customs competence is and whether you are fulfilling the requirements on customs competence internally. 

Customs Authorisations

We determine what customs authorisations you currently have and which authorisations can benefit you in the future. 

Customs Software

We review if your customs software covers your current and upcoming needs and discuss options for digitalisation. 

Customs Compliance Assessment | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of a Customs Compliance Scan?

Our independent assessment of your compliance status quo will lead to a concrete blueprint with threats and improvement areas. In less then a week we create a report with recommendations that can bring your business the following benefits:  

  1. Risk mitigation 
    You do not want to risk non-compliance. Our Customs Compliance Scan outlines your improvement areas, so you know which areas to improve on the short term and which steps to follow for integrated and structural compliance.
  2. Cost optimisation 
    There are hidden costs related to ineffective customs processes and potential fines resulting from non-compliance. Our advisory on trade regulations and use of permits could potentially lead to duty savings. Our Customs Compliance Scan clearly outlines how to benefit from these savings.
  3. Uncovers digitalisation potential 
    Our experts will review your processes, compliance data flows and related stakeholders. Having this understanding will enable us to identify your potential for digitalisation, further improving your efficiency and compliance.   

How does a Customs Compliance Scan work?

Our specialists will work with your team and organization for a number of days in order to get a good idea of what is going on internally. We combine conversations with your employees with a study of existing processes and data analyses in order to give you a first indication of potential risks, opportunities and areas for improvement.

The process will have the following structure: 

  1. Kickoff-call: introduction, elaborate on our approach & first steps  '
  2. Request for insight in your documents, such as copies of permits, manuals, process and procedures, work instructions, internal/external audit reports for a pre-view 
  3. Our expert performs a pre-scan to get a general impression and determine possible risk areas 
  4. The expert plans interviews with contacts involved (customs, logistics, purchasing, compliance, financial, sales, etc.) and shares the schedule for the company visit 
  5. Interviews are conducted and, if applicable, a tour during the company visit 
  6. A written report is created including, general summary of scope, risk areas and shortcomings, suggestions for improvements. The report may identify a role for Customs Support (outsourcing declarations, interim management, project management, trainings) 
  7. The expert makes the final evaluation, elaborates on the outcomes and discusses possible next steps.

What is the result of a Customs Compliance Scan?

We review several aspects of your customs processes and provide you with a comprehensive report on the outcome, containing potential risks and opportunities for improvement. As experts in customs & trade compliance, we can help you with implementing the outcomes of the report, e.g. Customs Compliance Program (import/export), AEO-authorisation, Bonded Warehouse license etc.

How long does a Customs Compliance Scan take?

A Customs Compliance scan usually takes three to five days depending on the size of your organisation and scope.

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