Containers to Russia Stuck in European Ports


Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine impacts world trade and supply chains across the globe. What’s happening in Ukraine is a tragedy for civilians, and our thoughts are with all those affected by this situation. The impact on citizens in the region is enormous. 

Russia-bound Containers Stopped by Dutch Customs in Rotterdam 

This past weekend Dutch Customs has blocked all containers that were Russia-bound because of the sanctions the European Union implemented against Russia. The Dutch Customs Authority will start clearing containers and release them as soon as they have determined there are no sanctioned goods in the shipment. They will start with the containers with perishables. Extra human resources have been allocated to these checks to minimise delays for exporters. 

Reuters reports: 

Most traffic to and from Russia at Europe’s biggest port is continuing with minimal disruption as key energy products such as crude oil and LNG are not covered by EU sanctions against Moscow, a spokesperson for Rotterdam port said on Tuesday. 


Around 30% of raw oil and 25% of liquefied natural gas (LNG) that moves through Rotterdam comes from Russia. 


“Companies will have to make individual choices about how they handle Russian shipments,” the port said in a statement.  

Containers are Stuck at Port of Antwerp too

Around a thousand containers are stuck in the Port of Antwerp as well. Similar to their Dutch counterpart, the Belgian Customs Authority performs additional checks on Russia-bound shipments to make sure no embargoed goods leave for Russia. 

Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen reports that shipping companies like Hapag Lloyd and One have stopped taking bookings for Russia. Reuters reports a similar decision by Maersk. 

No Ships Linked to Russia Allowed in British Ports 

The British Government is refusing access to all ports in the United Kingdom for all ships linked to Russia. 

Russian ships have been banned from UK ports, following a fresh raft of UK sanctions against Russia today. 

The ban includes any vessels owned or operated by anyone connected to Russia and authorities will also gain new powers to detain Russian vessels. 

Containers Stranded in Port of Rotterdam 

Around a thousand containers are still stranded in the Port of Rotterdam. The Dutch Customs Authority is blocking the export of all containers heading for Russia that contain embargoed goods. Initially, Dutch Customs stopped 6000 containers that were Russia-bound, but those without embargoed goods were released and allowed to leave. 

Please make sure that all documents are in order and that there is no doubt about the contents of your shipments, the destination, and the receiving party in Russia. If there is the slightest doubt Customs will block the container. 

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