Customs Support Supports the Dennie Lockefeer Chair


In January 2019 Dennie Lockefeer, the then 42-year-old CCO of the Van Moer Logistics, died after a tragic car accident. Dennie Lockefeer was loved and respected in the Port of Antwerp. He was a specialist and innovator when it comes to inland navigation. As CCO he was responsible for building out the inland vessel freight business of Van Moers Logistics.

A Chair in His Honour

To honour the legacy of Dennie Lockefeer Prof. Dr. Christa Sys of the University of Antwerp and Jo Van Moer, owner and CEO of the Van Moer Group, founded the Dennie Lockefeer Chair.

The Dennie Lockefeer Chair focuses on three pillars:

  • Research: a PhD on the “Future Vision for Inland Navigation”
  • Education: an annual award ceremony for the best thesis on inland navigation and a bi-annual fee for the Antwerp Inland Navigation School
  • Service provision: a series of lectures on inland navigation

The Future of Inland Navigation

In its research, the Chair is looking at containerized freight capacity from a complete chain perspective. How can companies and organizations in different parts of the chain work together to increase the efficiency of freight transportation? The research has a special focus on inland navigation.

In 1993 the borders opened and 69% of freight was transported by road. It is now 2020 and a lot of money has been spent to make the transportation of freight in Europe more sustainable. Even though inland navigation is often more sustainable, the percentage of freight transported by road has since risen to 75%.

Ship named after Dennie Lockefeer

With this research, the Chair Dennie Lockefeer is looking to create more sustainable flows of goods to and from the Port of Antwerp, by inland navigation. Moving freight by inland navigation has a much lower carbon footprint than moving the same amount by truck. 

We Support the Dennie Lockefeer Chair

We are a proud supporter of the Dennie Lockefeer Chair. Sustainability is one of our core values, and this is also an integral part of the research of the chair. As an independent customs broker, we enable the flow of goods moving into and out of seaports and airports. These goods move by sea, road, air, rail, and of course inland navigation.

Read more on the website of Dennie Lockefeer Chair.