European contingency measure wooden packaging expires on 30 June 2020


In order to prevent the spread of harmful organisms via wooden packaging material from China, European contingency measures have been in place since 2013. Consignments of natural stone or steel products with wooden packaging material are selected for a physical inspection at an approved inspection site. 

Client import declaration and customs release
Due to the expiry of the emergency measure, you no longer need to submit a Client-Import Declaration for the eight types of risky goods as of June 30. From that moment on, a P2-code is temporarily no longer required to clear these shipments with Customs.  

Despite the expiry of the emergency measure, NVWA - Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority still considers wooden packaging material from areas of origin such as China to be a risk. In order to monitor this risk, NVWA and plant inspectorates carry out random checks. You will probably have to make client import declarations again as of 14 December 2020.