Power outage Sierentz France: how to reach our French colleagues

looking through the keyhole

At the moment there is a power failure in Sierentz. Our office in Sierentz is also affected. Communication by telephone and e-mail is therefore limited.

Please use sales-france@customssupport.com for all communications. 

If you have a meeting planned, please call your contact via Microsoft Teams.

Other customs support offices are not affected and can be reached as usual.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. We will continue to inform you regarding this issue.

Update 22 January 2021:

The power failure issue has been resolved. Our office in Sierentz is fully operational again.

Please keep using sales-france@customssupport.com for communications so that the team can help you promptly.

Please find all the contact details here.

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day!

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