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​​​​​​​Customs clearance in Ireland has been turbulent since Brexit, but our team has been the rock for traders of all shapes and sizes. Roisin Cussen discusses our Ireland team’s clearance stories here.

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All Together Now: supporting Waterford’s music festival

We’ve completed thousands of customs clearances in Ireland, but it was nice to support those involved with the All Together Now festival – which is on the doorstep of Customs Support Waterford.

Our office was contacted by a company that provides some of the art installations and stage equipment for the festival. They needed an export clearance from the UK, an import clearance into Ireland for all of the goods, and then the closing of these processes with a re-export from Ireland and re-import back into the UK.

The project required breaking down how each commodity is classified, ensuring that the correct procedure was applied at each stage, and that all the goods were reconciled by then end.

National Ploughing Championship: Vehicle import and security.

Europe’s largest outdoor event, “The National Ploughing Championships” took place in County Laois, Ireland last September with an attendance figures of 277,000 visitors and over 1,700 exhibitors.

Our customs clearance team in Ireland assisted many of the exhibitors travelling from the UK and beyond. One of these was a marketing company who were exhibiting their trailers at the event.

As well as completing the four export, import, re-export, and re-import clearances, we also needed to arrange security measures for Irish revenue due to the nature of vehicle imports. The whole process was arranged smoothly, and monies were returned swiftly on completing the re-export.

Ironman: completing each leg of the race with customs clearance in Ireland

The world-renowned Ironman Group, who run a worldwide triathlon series around the world, host an annual event in Cork, Ireland.

Merchandise and equipment for such series travels around the globe with the events, with multiple sets entering several countries to ensure that it is there on time for the events.

Some of this merchandise will be race specific, whereas generic merchandise may be sold at different events. These need to be declared under different procedures, with some crossover considerations for goods that cannot be separated into either group.

For example, “Ironman Cork 2023” merchandise will be imported under a normal clearance as it will be sold out at the event. The same is true for “Formula One Wexford 2025” when moving Formula One through customs.

Equipment for the event will require an import customs clearance in Ireland, as the goods will be re-exported afterwards.

Other merchandise, such as “Ironman Series 2023”, may be sold throughout the series. Therefore, we cannot declare this as a standard clearance or as an import. This requires a specialised procedure where the goods are declared under both categories, with the difference in volumes imported and exported finalised as the imported amount under completion.

We completed declarations on merchandise for the last Ironman Cork event, with a large range of commodities, including cow bells, plush toys, sportswear, and more.

Despite the complex list of items (which had origins from all over the world) all went smoothly, and the goods got to their destination and back with no issues.

Just like with Ironman, anything is possible with Customs Support in Ireland
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