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How our neutrality empowers your business for success

What exactly are the benefits of working with a neutral customs partner? In a world full of biases, maintaining neutrality has become an invaluable virtue. Discover how working with a neutral customs partner is the key to upgrading your customs functions in this article.


Electric Vehicles: All the Buzz in Global Trade

The use of electric vehicles in global trade is a major focus area right now. But what challenges do traders of EVs face with customs and logistics? Find out in this article.

Electric Vehicles All the Buzz in Global Trade

EDI connections – Sharing Data Without Manual Input

It’s clear from recent trade shows that digitalisation and data-sharing is a key topic for the logistics industry. Find out how we use EDI to work with your supply chain software in this article.

EDI Connections - New horizon

UCC Centralised Clearance for Import (CCI)

Learn about UCC centralised clearance for imports and how it can help you optimise your supply chain efficiency.

Digitally Connected globe
Centralised Clearances

Meet Our People: Bee Newboult

In our series #WeAreCustomsSupport, we invite you to meet the minds behind our success. Today, we present an exclusive interview with Bee Newboult, the Group Brand and Communications Manager at Customs Support.

Filming Day at London Gateway with Bee Newboult
United Kingdom

Improve the Efficiency of your Customs Operation

When you trade internationally and deal with Customs Authorities worldwide, you must make sure that all your systems, procedures and processes related to customs activities are compliant. Customs rules and regulations constantly change. The market in which you continuously operate changes, and your operation constantly evolves. With so many changing factors, there is always a risk that your customs processes are no longer on par with the latest situation.

Sharon Weise International Customs Compliance & AEO Manager

A Digital-First Approach to Customs

Customs Support is known as a leading provider of digital customs solutions, but what does that mean? UK IT Director Ash Taylor explains why it’s important to progress digitally in this article.

Ash Taylor Interview Digital

Blockchain: The future of customs and supply chains

The potential of blockchain in Customs processes could mean improved compliance, trade facilitation or fraud detection - enabling fluent supply chains globally.

A chain with a digital backround

The story of Portmade

The Customs Support Family keeps growing. In July 2022, we welcomed Portmade as a new member in Belgium. Portmade has been active in the customs industry since 1987 when it was still a department of CMB Transport, a Belgian shipping company. 

Colleague working at their desk
The Netherlands

Freeport East Receives Final Government Approval

Freeport East has completed the strategy phase and been approved for delivery. Find out more about the location and benefits of Suffolk’s Freeport in this article.

Freight Yard: two men in white hard hats