The Benefits of Our 'CustomsOnline' Portal

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To enable our customers to digitally submit their export declarations directly to the Customs Authority, we have developed our 'CustomsOnline' portal. 

The world has gone digital and logistics is going digital as well. An increasing number of companies are stepping up investments in digital solutions. Customs Support has always closely followed the technological developments and digitization of customs processes. We have the systems and software in place to communicate digitally and seamlessly with the Customs Authorities.

What is CustomsOnline?

CustomsOnline© is a web-based application through which our customers can create and manage their customs documents like export documents or NCTS documents. They can also use the portal to submit them directly to the Customs Authority. 

Customers that do not have their own Customs License can work under our Customs License. 

The portal is perfect both for companies that have the capacity and capability to create their own documents, as well as for those that have limited capacity or capabilities. Companies that have properly trained staff can submit their documents straight to the Customs Authority. 

Companies that don’t have the full knowledge and experience needed to create these documents, can leverage the knowledge and experience of our specialists. They submit their documents via our trained staff, who make sure everything is in order.

Customs Online Dashboard

More Benefits of CustomsOnline

Customs Software can be very complex. There are so many fields that can be filled out, and for each field, there are a multitude of options. CustomsOnline can be customized to fit your needs. You only see the fields you need and the options per field can be limited to your specification.

HS-Codes can be pre-filled, so there is no chance of a typo. Compliance issues can also be avoided using this system, for example by excluding certain countries from the country menu, so no exports to those countries can be made.

Customers that don’t want to manually enter a lot of data into the portal can link or interface their Transportation Management System or Warehouse Management System to the CustomsOnline portal. Data can then be edited or added if applicable and sent on to the Customs Authority. The customs status of the shipment, including any PDF documents, will be sent back to our customers’ systems automatically giving them a full and up to date overview.

No matter how many shipments you have, visibility is important so you can respond to any changes or issues. You can use the CustomsOnline dashboard to have a complete overview of all your export declarations. As soon as you submit the document you can see the actual status. Is the document being processed, or are the goods being checked, or is there a problem with the documentation? You can follow the status through the dashboard.

The portal automatically sends you a Confirmation of Exit (CoE), or Exit of Goods (EoG) when your shipment has been processed and approved by the Customs Authority. This confirmation is a PDF document that you can enter into your administration, for example when you want to prove a shipment is eligible for a 0% VAT tariff. 

The CustomsOnline’s NCTS Module helps you manage your customs transit operations by allowing you to create T1 or T2 documents to transport goods that have not been entered into free circulation yet. If you want, the NCTS module can communicate directly with Portbase, which saves time and will minimize errors.

CustomsOnline Portal is only for dealing with the Dutch customs authorities. It is a portal run by Customs Support Venlo and can be used by our clients in The Netherlands.

Do you have repetitive shipments? With the CustomsOnline portal, you can easily copy earlier shipments. You only have to change the relevant shipment details without having to start over.  

Why Use CustomsOnline?

  • No need to buy complex and expensive customs software
  • Faster and more efficient processes, with customized screens and only the data fields you need
  • No compliance issues by limiting or excluding options
  • Trained and experienced specialists to check your documents before they are submitted
  • Overview of all your shipments that are being processed by the Customs Authority 
  • Customs online can be linked to your WMS or TMS system for an automated feed of customs data